Student Appreciation . 学员表扬

Presented By AWARENESS Students
Taijiquan Beginner March 2011 Friday Group
Ho Priscilla, Wan Estella, Rose Hunt, Lim Sin Mian, 
Hoong Gek Ting, Kwok Chen Inn & Kwok Pin Lien.

Student References . 学员鉴证

“Loyal” Followers

I find that Jasmine is a very encouraging teacher and she gives each of us as much individual attention as she can in class. She goes the extra mile than what is required to ensure that we understand what we’re being taught and retain what is learned. My fellow students and I respect her and look upon her as a very caring and credible teacher. Many of us who are serious in learning Taichi have followed her from course to course and we will continue to do so.

Adrian Quek Boon Wee

A Sport Suitable for All Ages

Before my mom first introduced me to Taichi, I have not exercised for years and would easily start to pant after climbing one flight of stairs. However, after starting classes, I found that I was no longer as pale and weak as before, because my blood circulation had improved and I had developed muscles. I used to think that Taichi was only for the elderly, but after doing the sport for a year, I realized that it is fun, interesting and suitable for all ages! I hope to continue on this Taichi journey for a long, long time.

Adeline Chin

Boost in Health & Energy Levels

I started taking up Taichi under the guidance of Jasmine Laoshi. Laoshi’s teaching is very detailed; every small movement was patiently and carefully taught. I have completed three modules of Yang Style Taichi ( 12-Form ;24-Form ;40-Form ). Right now, I am learning Taichi Sword 32-Form. Since I have started learning Taichi, I realised that my balancing has improved, my legs are so much stronger and my health and energy level has also improved. I enjoyed all the lessons and take this opportunity to thank Laoshi for her teaching.

Yin Hou Wen

Bye to Age-Old Problems

I am a 74 year Taichi practitioner. Although I do not have serious medical problems, I do have age-related ones (eg. tendency to trip and fall, breathlessness, chest tightness when climbing up the pedestrian over-head bridge and a poor sense of balance) . Balancing on one leg was never easy. All these problems had since improved since taking up Taichi. My breathlessness had got better and I can balance more steadily. I practiced my Taichi every morning to enhance my health further and keep fit. I am extremely fortunate to have a very dedicated, patient and encouraging teacher, Ms Jasmine Koh. Thank you laoshi!

Low Swang Hiang

Commitment to Groom Students

I was initially reluctant to have anything to do with Taichi, an exercise many of us associate with the elderly but decided to go for the sport after much persuasion. Jasmine, my teacher, is a dedicated, encouraging, patient and sincere teacher who teaches us the fine art of Taichi. Through her efforts, I have grown from a total greenhorn to an appreciating student of the art. Her classes were never dull. They always had good camaraderie between teacher and students. Jasmine is committed to grooming students with potential to be trainers themselves, by selflessly sharing her coaching experiences and techniques.

To Jasmine, I would like to say ‘Thank you for being my Teacher!’

Rina Ong

Competitive Taichi & its Benefits

Under the guidance of Jasmine laoshi, I began Taichi training in Aug 2011. Shortly after, my cohort and I took part in an international martial art tournament and managed to bag various medals. This success was attributed to Jasmine laoshi’s methodogical teaching approach and patience in explaining the subtle Taichi movements and techniques. Personally, learning Taichi has helped improve my mental concentration and strengthen my leg muscles. Unlike other sports which I have participated in before, I tend to perspire much more after each Taichi workout. I have thoroughly enjoyed each training session and look forward to more fun-filled lessons with laoshi. Thank you Jasmine laoshi, for unreservedly sharing your wushu knowledge with us all!

Hoe Siu Loon

Essence of Character Building

I developed a curiosity about Taichi as I was searching for a sport that could be part of the physical equation. Ms Jasmine Koh was my Taichi teacher. I am blessed as she has turned out to be the most wonderful teacher who is giving, passionate and inspiring. I am grateful for her tutelage, effective instruction, constant encouragement and the opportunity to assist her in teaching Taichi classes. The sport is a useful form of meditation and effective de-stressor to promote a sense of total well-being. It can also build character as one learns to be patient, to persevere and to be disciplined. Taichi has become an integral part of my life and I am excited about traveling on this journey of continual learning and discovery.

Linda Haverkamp

Firm Believer of Taichi

My decision to learn Taichi was not a rash decision but with the aim to improve my health. On the surface, Taichi looks easy to execute but I believe gracefulness of the movements came from years of hard efforts by the practitioners. Therefore, I’m mentally prepared for the physical demands of the sport. At the start, I used to have heavy “elephant” steps and poor body balance and rough movements. Through constant explanation and demonstration by our patient and dedicated Jasmine laoshi, I’m finally able to improve on my Taichi execution and have a greater appreciation of Taichi.  I was able to walk more uprightly and had a greater sense of stability. I was elated to know that continuous practice in Taichi would further improve my health. A million thanks for showing me the way.

Lee Mui Seng

Fun-filled Classes

Jasmine is passionate about Taichi and her enthusiasm never fails to inspire and motivate her students. Despite facing difficulties, we are motivated to continue training in order to master the skills. She’s dedicated and always willing to spend more time teaching us and to impart knowledge about Taichi. She has great personality! I enjoy the class because there is good rapport between students and teacher. Students learn the corrwidth=”341″ ect methods of executing the movement and are inspired to learn more. Jasmine’s Taichi classes are always fun.

Koh Siew Cheng

Hip Injury Well-Treated

I hurt my hips while jogging on the treadmill. Despite taking a break in jogging, the pain in my hips did not go away. It deteriorated to a point that I could not move my legs whenever I stood up after sitting down for a while. I started to look for a low-impact sport that I could do. A few lessons into Taichi, the strength in my legs improved significantly and the pain in my hips subsided. I could now walk long distances at a faster pace. Overall, I feel more energetic as well.

Teo Kie Eng

Laoshi, a Role Model

It was during the phase of work when I was drained, both mentally and physically, when I saw Lao Shi’s poster and decided to give her a call. The rest, as they say is history. I’m greatly fortunate to be able to learn Taichi from Lao Shi as she is very open-minded and most willing to give. Learning the sport not only brings about physical benefits of daily exercise, but also endows on the sportsman a sense of tranquility during practice. Taichi has reminded me that life is an on-going step by step process and I am very glad that I have this chance to learn how to walk again. Lao Shi, thank you so much!

Heng Koon How

Laoshi’s Sensitivity to Students

Both my husband and I met Jasmine during our stay in Singapore in 2006. I always wanted to learn Taichi for its graceful and artistic movements.  However, the “real” Taichi was more difficult, demanding more hard work than imagined. I owed Jasmine so much for being so patient and encouraging with me. She opened my eyes to the deeper aspects of Taichi, thus strengthening my love for it. We are now back in Japan and are able to understand what the teacher is saying because of the strong foundation laid by Jasmine. She’s a great teacher that knows how, when and what to give to her students so amazingly well. She is serious at class but knows how to make her students laugh and relax. We loved learning from her and are grateful for the wonderful experience she has given us.

Megumi and Koichi

Lung Operation Recovery Exercise Program

I joined Risen Wushu Taichi classes, trained by Jasmine laoshi, to have an exercise program to speed up recovery after my lung operation in 2010. The benefits of Taichi were reaped very quickly. Despite less visible weight loss, my waist line reduced, my knee problem slowly disappeared and flexibility, as well as balance, increased progressively. What impressed me most about laoshi’s training program is that she is able to explain things very clearly in simple & easy to follow steps. Her training method is motivating & full of encouragement. It makes the trainee want to continue to excel and make improvement. I will recommend this training program to all who wish to reap the long term benefit of Taichi.

Lim Kin Sing

Not Easy At All

I took up Taichi out of curiosity for its ability to improve one’s health and its suitability as an exercise for seniors. I was nothing but blur in the first few lessons and Taichi was not easy as thought initially, in which it required proper coordination of the body, hands and legs. We were lucky to have a wonderful teacher, Jasmine laoshi, who encourages us with her wisdom and creates a happy/ conducive atmosphere in all our lessons. Laoshi never fails to notice our mistakes, weaknesses and provides timely advice with respect to the routines. Learning Taichi for around six months, I’ve benefited from this graceful form of marital arts with stronger legs than before. In fact, Taichi is not solely meant for us seniors. Thank you laoshi!

Annie Chan

Opportunity to Perform Just after Three Months

“Gosh! Isn’t Taichi for the older folks?” is the usual reaction when a younger person is asked to learn Taichi. However, having heard the health benefits of this ancient Chinese art form, I decided to give it a try and boy, was it an eye-opener! My perception of the sport changed  after the first lesson. I was fortunate to have Jasmine laoshi, a very dedicated teacher who exuded enthusiasm and had no reservations in teaching her students the essence of each Taichi routines. With her encouragement, the class put up a performance only after learning for three months! I’ve also been given the opportunity to assist in training beginners, which I thoroughly enjoy. Taichi, with its benefits to my posture, stamina and health is something I’ll continue to practice.

Leong Seey Seey

Posture improvements through Taichi

I am Jennifer Chan, 55 years old. Before learning Taichi, I used to walk a bit slantingly and sat with a hunch because I am born with a curved spine. After taking up Taichi lessons, I have learnt to sit, stand and walk with a upright posture. Jasmine Koh is a very professional and unselfish instructor. She teaches us the right methods and corrects our faults patiently with understanding. After learning Taiji for the last 6 months, my spine has improve and i am less hunch that my height have been taller by 1 cm.

Jennifer Chan

Practical Healing of Knee Injury

From my teenage years till 23, my knee was subjected to two reconstruction surgeries and menisectomies due to my avid passion for basketball. I undertook 3-4 years of physiotherapy, as recommended by my doctor, to build up muscle bulk around my right knee but it did not seem to help much. After reserarching about Taichi’s benefits from medical papers, I signed up with Risen Wushu shortly. In just 6 months, my right thigh muscles are almost back to the same size as my left (and have stopped shaking like initially, when executing stances.). Credits to Jasmine Laoshi for her extreme patience and dedication, as well as precious Taichi advices that could also be applied to life circumstances. Thank you! 😀

Joy Quah

Small Classes with Better Attention

Since joining Jasmine laoshi’s Taichi (Yang Style) Beginner lessons 3 months ago, my general health improved and even managed to lose weight of 3kg within the same period. This was contributed by increased exercises and better dieting. I always wanted to learn Taichi but was reluctant to as it was perceived to be an “Old Uncles & Aunties” Program. Hence, I was really excited to learn of laoshi’s classes from a friend. Jasmine laoshi’s small classes were really helpful for slow learners including myself and her bi-lingual instructions also facilitated non-chinese speaking students. My friend & I were very satisfied with your Beginner class and look forward to attending subsequent classes. Thank you laoshi!

Richard Lew

Solution to Tense Neck/ Shoulders

I developed tense neck and shoulders due to long hours of sitting and working at the computer. Since taking up Taichi, I felt the tension ease away. Now, I feel more energetic and lighter in my daily movements. Taichi brings the body and mind together. Personally, I view Taichi as a moving meditation and an effective exercise to improve health and well being. Jasmine is an excellent teacher. She not only teaches us the form but also explains to us the “hows” and “whys” behind it. She guides each of her students based on their individual pace and development. I will keep practicing Taichi in order to lead a healthy life.

Chin Lee Fong

Taichi – An Aid to Blood Pressure

After doing Taichi, my overall health has improved tremendously. For a start, my high blood pressure has reduced to normal level and my family doctor was also surprised of this improvement. Thus, she decided to monitor my blood pressure and allowed a temporary “off medication” period for me. It has been since three months that I have since off medication and my blood pressure is still under normal level. Taichi  has helped me to control my blood pressure and my overall health has improved tremendously.

Ann Seow

Taichi – For Health & Wealth

Since April 2010, I met Jasmine Koh Laoshi who is not only a great teacher in teaching me Taichi, but was also a great help in improving my health so that I don’t fall ill easily. She assured me that doing Taichi would allow me to slim down naturally without using any slimming product. A year later, I saw the results of her encouragement and was very touched.

Rose Chay

Taichi for A Better Mood

Long before I started to learn Taichi, I was always plagued with illnesses and would fall sick at least once a month. The decision for me to learn Taichi started after a series of recent hospitalization stay. After a few classes, I felt differences in my health. I started to have more stamina and my hands were no longer chilly cold. I begin to fall sick less often and even shed some weight. After months of practising Taichi, I realised that my legs are lighter, my balancing has improved (this is extremely important when standing in a congested train) and my mood has been better since (:

Li Hui Hui

Taichi Helped Me to Stop Taking Glucosamine

The single thing that came close to a magic elixir in terms of its strong and universal benefits is exercise. For me, I chose Taichi and Qigong. It has been nearly a year since I started both sports which I found to be profound. If one does them well, the chi will flow. The most wonderful benefit is that I have managed to get off my medication for Glucosamine which I have taken for the last 2 years. I am blessed to have a dedicated and professional teacher like Jasmine.

Angelia Cheng

Taichi is Definitely No Easy Feat

I took up Taichi as I was not contented with my level of fitness (even recently being diagnosed with hypertension). Thinking that Taichi was an easy sport for destress, Jasmine laoshi definitely changed this perception. Taichi was a sport that required stamina, hardwork, commitment and focus. Even though I find myself thinking “Oh God, enough already!!” during some of the difficult postures of the routines, I’m definitely thankful for the benefits (i.e. losing 3kg over 2-3 months, stronger leg/ knee muscles, higher energy levels, means of actual destress) after the lessons. Laoshi’s fun and informative classes are also what I look forward to her future lessons.

Pooveneswary d/o N.Poovanesparan-Eswary

The Arts, Wushu and Qi Gong

I always wanted to learn Taichi to improve my health but did not really have the motivation. After receiving an EDM on the sport, I decided to find out more about the sport and got enrolled in lessons taught by instructor, Ms Jasmine Koh. Ever since, my concept of Taichi has shifted to being not only an exercise, but also a form of art and wushu with internal Qi Gong elements. I  learnt that each stroke/ movement of Taichi requires balance, strength and mental focus. After a few lessons, I noticed my legs had strengthened and my breathing problem had improved. I would recommend Taichi to everyone who strives for better living. Lastly, I am very grateful for Jasmine laoshi’s passion and patience in our lessons. Thank you!

Bene Tan

The Cross-Leg Dilemma

I joined the beginners class in April 2011. Since then, I have enjoyed the Taichi workout (gongfa) and the Taichi movements of each routine taught by instructor Ms Jasmine Koh. Before taking up Taichi, I was unable to cross my legs while sitting on the floor as it causes a sharp and prolonged pain on my right hip and pelvic area. After three months of lessons, the pain has totally subsided and I am now able to sit on the floor with my legs crossed without any problem. It also enhances my body to be more flexible.

Betty Kheng

Undying Passion in Teaching

Jasmine is tireless in teaching her students. She believes in the benefits of Taichi and is able to inspire us. She is very patient and will go through each step with us until we are able to do it. She breaks down each step so we are able to follow. She never gives up on us. Ever willing to share her knowledge and experiences, Jasmine is always very positive. She has many classes of students but she treats each of us as if we are her only student. She gets along well with us and is able to help us by pointing out our weakness and to correct us. She gives us confidence so that we are able to persevere in learning and practicing Taichi.

Tan Eng

Useful Remedy for Migraine Attacks

I fall sick very often since my teenage and am often plagued with monthly (sometimes weekly) migraines. My dad recommended me to take up some form of sports, such as Taichi and I did in 2005. The class was conducted by Ms Jasmine Koh and being hardworking, I trained twice a week for 3 consecutive months, in which I saw an improvement in my health (i.e. longer lapse time between migraines). With confidence that laoshi gave, I assisted her in some of her classes after 8 months of tutelage. I was able to pick up communication skills, identify/ correct Taichi postures of other students during class. I’m looking forward to learning more routines and further enrich my knowledge on Taichi as I found that its values, discipline and essence of the sport brings about immense benefit. I hope that you too will join us to experience its benefits for yourself.

Esta Tee

To students of Risen Wushu:


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