In Essence . 东昇简介

Risen Wushu is a Singapore-based wellness centre that focuses on oriental-styled internal martial arts. We encompass routines revolving Taiji Quan 太极拳, its related weaponry and Qi Gong 气功. Founded by Chief Instructor Ms Jasmine Koh in 2008, the centre strives to be an all-welcoming institute for students in the mastery and appreciation of the benefits derived from these martial arts forms.

The centre adopts the use of creative methodologies to inspire and impart the right knowledge and skills to students. Through these, Risen Wushu aims to ensure that its classes are engaging, enriching and empowering for students from all walks of life.

Our Goals . 我们的目标

  • Debunking stereotypes picturing oriental-styled internal martial arts to be strictly for the elderly.
  • Promoting the health benefits, both physical and mental, of oriental -styled internal martial arts through its execution by our students.
  • To inculcate students with values and priceless life skills in the process of learning the origins of these oriental-styled internal martial arts and the mastery of their respective routines/ moves in a free-thought viewpoint.

Our Vision . 我们的远见

Our vision is to allow students to have ‘EUREKA’ moments during their unique class journeys at Risen Wushu. Through these personal experiences, we aim to raise community awareness on the effectiveness and efficacy of the oriental-styled internal martial arts for the body, soul and mind.

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