Calling all city dwellers in central/ northern/ eastern Singapore, Risen Wushu will soon commence Taiji lessons at our new venue – The Grassroots Club!

Starting from 12th April 2019, weekly lessons will span a two months’ period from 7:30 to 9:30pm. Lesson fees for 8 lessons will be $180 and $200 for members of the club and the public respectively. As an introductory course, students will learn the basic Yang Style Taijiquan 杨氏太极拳 routines and subsequently move on to more intermediate routines where permitted. 

Indicate your interest in this upcoming class here before 1st April 2019. Alternatively, register and make payment directly at The Grassroots Club before the same date.

Read up about what the oriental-styled internal martial arts could bring for you, both physically and mentally. As they say, health waits for no man. Therefore, we challenge you to join us on this “Health for Wealth” journey now!

The Grassroots Club – Our Preferred Partner Club

190 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, Singapore 568046

65542350/ 65502115