The 8th day 初八 of Chinese New Year 2019 saw the reunion dinner gathering of students at Risen Wushu with our beloved instructor, Ms Jasmine Koh 老师. While it was a yearly affair to hold reunion dinners, it was a first to hold the event in the west. Tucked in a cosy corner of JCube, students slowly gathered at “The Good Trio 三人行” in anticipation of a sumptuous dinner planned ahead.

First up, the Chinese New Year must-have dish was served – Prosperity Abalone Yu Sheng 发财鲍鱼鱼生 – with the server presenting each component of the dish with an auspicious greeting.

Next few dishes in line made up the mains which filled each and every of our tummies – Seafood with Pork and Salted Egg Yolk in Chicken Broth 宫廷海鲜狮子头, Steamed Live Prawns 白灼活虾, Claypot Sea Cucumber with Broccoli and Chestnut 海参煲, Prosperity Pig’s Trotter 鸿运肘子, Steamed Live Seabass 清蒸游水金目鲈, Stir-fried Vegetables with Black Fungus & Mushrooms 珍菌爆三翠 and Braised Nanping Noodles 南平焖面.



Lastly, dessert dishes were served to complete the reunion course meals – Glutinous Red Bean Rice Balls with Lily Bulbs 合家团员 and a fanciful fruits platter 水果拼盘.


Our verdict for the reunion dinner? Each dish was served in generous portion and crafted delicately. While meat lovers would definitely be thumbs up for the meal, some could choose to customize the CNY menu to include more greens. These said, do check out the restaurant for its range of CNY and other non-festive deals.

Like every other reunion dinners, a group photo is a necessity at the end and here goes:

From us at Risen Wushu to everyone, Happy Boar New Year 2019! HUAT AH!